5 Things You Can Expect From A Botox Treatment

5 Things You Can Expect From A Botox Treatment

As a top 1% MedSpa in the U.S. for Botox® and dermal fillers, Derma Health has become a trusted name in the Phoenix area for providing effective treatments and natural looking results. That being said, if you have never had a Botox treatment before, it is important to know what you can expect from your first Botox appointment.

As with any medical procedure, the most important decision you can make is selecting your treatment provider. With Botox and fillers, experience and training are essential. You’ll hear about in-home Botox parties, you’ll find deep discounts online, you’ll even find Botox injections at your local beauty salon, but it’s very important to note that your results will vary greatly if your injections are administered by inexperience people who lack training and the appropriate medical qualifications. There is no substitute for professional medical training and experience. At Derma Health, all of our injectors are either Nurse Practitioners or RNs and each perform over 1,000 injections per month!

If you are trying Botox for the first time or are looking at selecting a new provider, here are 5 expectations you should have during your treatment.

1. Quick Procedure

An experienced Medical Provider who has experience with Botox injections should be able to diagnose, plan and administer your shots within 10-15 minutes. This is absolutely an appointment you can make during your lunch break, giving yourself the drive back to work to allow any potential redness to subside.

Though there is no “downtime” associated with Botox, you should not rub or touch the treated areas and also should avoid lying flat or bending over for four hours after your treatment. You should also avoid strenuous exercise, sweating or full submersion in water for 24 hours post treatment.

Crow's Feet Before After2. Fast Results

Botox is the top aesthetic treatment not only because it is effective, but because results can seen in up to 14 days. Our patients can quickly see their wrinkles and fine lines relax and smooth out and it is a great feeling. These injections are temporary, however, lasting from three to four months, depending on your body’s metabolism. But the difference this product makes in a short period of time is extremely gratifying, and advancements in technology are only making Botox more accessible and safe for use.

3. A More Approachable Appearance

If friends, family or co-workers frequently ask if you are tired or if something is wrong, it could be you have a case of cranky resting face, which, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with you actually being cranky. Furrowed brows, pursed lips and turned down corners of the mouth just seem to magically appear as we age. Botox is the cure for your cranky resting face because it safely relaxes the muscles that create these dour expressions, revealing your true sunny, relaxed and approachable nature to the world.

4. You’ll Look & Feel YoungerBotox For Head Before After

When your daily expression is more approachable, the world is quick to respond, which can give you a newfound feeling of confidence, energy and vitality. Whether you are in your 20s looking to prevent lines and wrinkles from forming, in your 30s or 40s looking to smooth the fine lines and wrinkles that have already begun to show up, or in your 50s, 60s or 70s, after the lines and wrinkles have already set in, Botox can lift your brows, soften crows feet, eliminate frown and forehead lines, relax a gummy smile or smooth away marionette lines.

5. Highest Quality Results

When you choose Derma Health, you’ll choose to receive your Botox injections from experienced medical providers that offer natural looking results. Our providers seek to retain the integrity of your unique expressions and facial structure. During your assessment we’ll listen to your concerns then recommend a treatment protocol that will achieve the results you are looking for.

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