Top 3 Things To Know When Considering BOTOX®

Top 3 Things To Know When Considering BOTOX®

Contrary to popular belief, not all BOTOX® is created equal!

BOTOX® is used to inhibit the communication of muscle receptors in injection sites, such as the 11’s between your eyebrows, crow’s feet, forehead lines and more. In short, BOTOX® prevents deeper furrows from forming and lessens the signs of lines and wrinkles that have already been created.

A BOTOX® treatment should be a positive experience. When done properly, BOTOX® has an a 96% worth it rating on Real Self (based on over over 9,700 reviews).

Read below for information on how to make your next BOTOX® treatment work best for you!

#1 – Not all BOTOX® is Created Equal

Huffington Post unveiled a survey where 42% of respondents said that they had their treatment done at a local beauty salon or spa, a friend’s home or a Botox party. Further, over three quarters of respondents had no idea what brand of neurotoxin they had been injected with.

information on botox usage

There are three popular neurotoxins widely used today. There are subtle differences in the chemical make-up of these brands of Botulinum available and FDA approved in the United States.   

  • BOTOX® by Allergan
    • BOTOX® by Allergan was the first and is the most popular brand, even to the point where the product name “Botox” is being used interchangeably to reflect any botulinum toxin product; much like when we say, “Give me a Kleenex”, when in actuality we are just asking for a tissue. 
  • Dysport by Ipsen, Ltd
  • Xeomin by Merz

How These These Brands are Different

Although each of these products are made from Clostridium botulinum bacteria:

– They are isolated from different strains of bacteria
– They all have different molecular structures and attach to different parts of the nerve

This means that not all dosages are equivalent across product lines. In other words, 1 unit of Botox is NOT the same as 1 unit of Dysport. Furthermore, the duration and effect may be different as well as the immune response that comes from each product.

#2 – Your Provider’s Training, Experience & Skill Is Critically Important

You’ll find Botox injections are being advertised everywhere, from your family Doctor/Dentist to your local hair salon. This should be something you question as it is very important to research the person and place administering any type of injection into your face. Talk to friends, family and colleagues, read reviews and consider receiving Botox treatments from companies that specialize in Botox injections such as top Medical Spas, like Derma Health. These individuals are trained specifically to administer this procedure.

#3 – Factor Experience & Safety Into The Treatment Price

A value is always a great thing, and most qualified providers do their best to remain competitive in the industry, but the truth is that you get what you pay for!

Botox cosmetic price variables should be weighed against other factors such as the product being used, quality of practice and professional qualifications of the Injector. An exceptionally low Botox price can be indicative of questionable treatment. Look for a provider with a great reputation who invests in advanced training. Your provider should have also received training in Anatomy and Facial Aesthetics and a solid understand of and experience in both on-label and off-label injection techniques.

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