Trish Gulbanson Trish Gulbranson, Founder & CEO

Hello! My name is Trish Gulbranson, the founder and CEO of Derma Health. Over a decade ago, I set out on a journey to create a company that would help women of all ages look on the outside just as beautiful and vibrant as they feel on the inside and that journey has led me to you today. I believe empowered people are able to accomplish anything they wish to accomplish. At Derma Health our mission is to change thousands of lives by Uplifting, Inspiring and Encouraging YOU to be the best you possible. We believe that beauty comes from within and that is why we focus on education and empowerment. This is such a huge focus we even developed our own Skin School and mind-body mental health movement (read about the #Uplift Movement)! We also address the external beauty needs with a variety of transformative treatments like  lasers, injectables and body contouring.

Our clinics are staffed with experienced naturopathic doctors and registered nurses, who are not only concerned with your skin and physical health, but also your personal wellbeing.

We are not your typical medspa. We've been in the Phoenix market for over 14 years. We're dedicated to safety and providing the best quality care. We take time to provide education and talk about the various treatment options available. And most importantly, we work hard to achieve optimal results for our patients. Our competitors cannot hold a candle to the experience and training we provide for our medical professionals and that is why our number one source of new patients is current client referrals. THAT is the Derma Health difference.

I never could have guessed that this journey would have led to three locations, a place among the top 1% medspas in the nation and thousands of loyal clients.  I invite you to start your Derma Health Journey by making an appointment for a complimentary skin analysis today. You'll be amazed at how our products and services can make you look and feel.

My Story

My confidence in what we do is stronger than ever and it’s based on the transformation of our patients and my own personal story...It's about skin health but so much more!

These stories of transformation and confidence drive everything we do.

I believe 100% in our mission to Uplift, Inspire and Encourage people to be the very best they can be...but it’s not just a job. For me, it's personal.

Recently a long time business partner reached out, asking for an updated picture for their marketing materials. Not thinking much about the request, I forwarded over my updated photo and went about my day.

Their reply shocked me.

I think it was something like, “Whoa! You look better now than you did 10 years ago! This is amazing.” They attached my ‘old’ picture for comparison and I must say, the difference is remarkable. But what I feel is the real story. I feel so much more confidence in my daily life simply by improving my skin health, tone, tightness and texture with our transformative laser procedures, fillers and skin care products. (Check out the untouched photos below. No surgery!)

This is my own personal story and there are many more transformative stories from our patients. This is why we get up in the morning...we're here to transform lives, not just faces.

Trish 2004 Close UP

Trish 2004

Trish 2015 Close UP

Trish After 2015