Botox® Cosmetic For Fine Lines & Wrinkles

BOTOX® Smooths Away Fine Lines & Wrinkles; Prevents New Lines From Forming

Botox is an affordable and effective treatment that smooths fine lines while also preventing wrinkles from deepening. Botox has one of the highest satisfaction rates in the aesthetic industry with an estimated 4.4 million procedures performed in 2020 alone!


Why Derma Health?

  • Derma Health is Allergan's #1 Ranked Botox & Dermal Filler Provider in the Southwest and a top 1% Rated Medspa in the Nation.
  • We are locally owned and operated and have served over 60,000 patients here in the Valley for over 19 years.
  • Our Botox treatments are performed by highly skilled RNs and Nurse Practitioners who receive ongoing advanced training in Aesthetic injections.
  • Our Providers are also trained in administering advanced off label Botox treatments.
  • We truly care about your experience, results and satisfaction.

What Does Botox treat?

Botox® treats moderate to severe lines and wrinkles usually between the brows, the forehead and around the eyes (crow’s feet). But there are many other ways we are able to use Botox safely and effectively. Botox can minimize the appearance of Lip Lines and Marionette Lines, as well as "Bunny Lines", those little lines that appear when you smile and wrinkle your nose. Artfully injected Botox can also create the effect of an eyebrow lift to open up the eyes. We also use it to manage TMJ symptoms, excessive sweating and more!

What Is Botox?

The product is a naturally derived, safe injectable neurotoxin that relaxes the muscles which can create creases and lines over time.

Who Is or Is Not A Good Candidate For Botox?

We treat both men and women of all ages with Botox. Many of our younger patients use it to prevent wrinkles from forming, while our patients ages 35 on up may use it to smooth away lines and wrinkles that have become more prominent over time. Your Medical Provider will go over your health history with you during your first appointment to discuss any potential allergies or other health concerns that may be a factor, but they are rare.

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Botox For Head Before After

Actual Patient. Results May Vary

Are The Injections Painful?

Not typically. Most patients will only feel a very slight pinprick. Our Medical Providers use a very small needle and nearly everyone tolerates the treatment without applying numbing cream.

How Long Is A Botox Appointment?

The treatment itself is super quick. An typical treatment of 50 units of Botox can be injected in 15 minutes. Many patients opt to get their treatments during their lunch hour.

How Long Does Botox last?

You will start to see the effects between 10-14 days and your treatment will typically last 3-6 months, depending on your personal metabolism.

How Many Botox Treatments Will I Need?

You'll only need one treatment to see results, but the number of units per patient will vary based on your age, personal concerns and goals. The treatment will last 3-6 months and you will require future treatment to maintain results.

Crow's Feet Before After

Actual Patient. Results May Vary.

How Do I Prepare For My Botox Appointment?

There is not much preparation involved. Your Medical Provider will remove any makeup or skin care products in the areas to be injected prior to treatment. The skin will also be prepped with a topical antiseptic to prevent the introduction of bacteria during the injections. We will then take photos prior to treatment and mark the areas to be treated prior to your injections.

What Should I Do Or Expect Post Botox Treatment?

Your provider may advise you to not lay flat for 4 hours post treatment, and avoid exercise, saunas and hot tubs for 24 hours post treatment.

What Are The Common Risks, Side Effects Or Concerns With Botox?

As with any injection you may experience injection site side effects such as redness, pain or swelling. These are infrequent, short term and can be treated with ice packs. If you experience muscle drooping areound the eye or brow (which is very rare) please give us a call.

What Are The Costs & Payment Options For Botox?

We offer complimentary consultations for all patients where we meet with you to assess your concerns and goals and answer all of your questions. Your Medical Provider will talk to you about the number of Botox units they recommend and provide a firm quote for you prior to treatment.

All New Patients Receive $100 Off Their Initial Purchase of $500 or More. We also offer our Reflect Your Best You membership program, where our frequent Botox patients can save 18% on their Botox treatments. Details Here.

In addition, our patients receive Alle Rewards points for every Botox treatment.

Regarding payment, we have various options to fit your needs and budget. We accept cash, debit cards, all major credit cards and we offer easy approval financing.

*Individual results may vary. Photos are intended to give an example of one patient’s results.

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