A PDO Thread Lift is a cosmetic procedure that uses FDA-approved dissolvable thread to pull sagging skin upward and stimulate the production of collagen, a protein that supports firmness and elasticity. At Derma Health Skin & Laser, we use MINT PDO threads, which stands for Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Thread. This product is made from complex sugar polydioxanone (PDO), a suture-safe material which has been trusted by surgeons for over thirty years. As a youth-boosting treatment, MINT™ PDO threads blend seamlessly into your natural soft tissue, reversing the effects of age with minimal pain, scarring, and recovery time. In fact, patients often return to work that same day looking refreshed and more youthful.

How does it work?

This treatment is a relatively simple procedure that can be completed within 45 minutes to an hour with immediate results. Your Provider will numb the treatment areas with a local anesthetic, and begin placing the patented barbed threads into the skin, where they anchor onto sagging tissue. From there, your Provider will maneuver the threads to create lift, smooth lines, and add definition. Mono threads produce more collagen and some lift, while the anchoring threads create a more lifting effect.

Over the course of 6-8 months, the PDO threads will break down into water and carbon dioxide and will be safely absorbed by the patient’s body. Results typically last up to a year and vary from patient to patient.

What does it treat?

A PDO Thread Lift defines the contours you want and softens the ones you don’t. Embedded with tiny barbs to anchor the skin, these patented threads create lift at key points along the face—pulling up the brows and tightening sagging around the jawline (minimizing double chins) for a more youthful, heart-shaped facial line. Beyond the brow, these safe, dissolvable threads are effective for use mid-face, firming up loose skin for a higher cheekbone contour and stimulating collagen synthesis to treat acne scars and crepey skin texture. A PDO Thread Lift can also diminish common signs of aging, including smile lines, neck lines, and prominent nasolabial folds.

Is MINT PDO right for me?

A PDO Thread Lift is a quick and effective procedure that can benefit those of us looking to reverse the signs of aging. Typical candidates tend to display some looseness in the skin texture and fall between 30 to 60 years of age. This treatment is not typically recommended for patients with excessively thin or thick skin, significant laxity (looseness), heavy drinking and smoking habits, or certain medical conditions.

What should I expect?

We will begin with an initial assessment and consultation where we learn more about your goals and concerns and determine if a PDO Thread Lift procedure can help you achieve your desired results. We’ll take a close look at your skin type and conditions and determine which areas you’d like us to address.

Before the procedure, you’ll be asked to discontinue smoking and drinking for varying amounts of time. You will also need to stop blood thinners 2-3 days before and 5 days in advance for Warfarin®. Please consult your physician before discontinuing blood thinners.

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When will I see results?

With a PDO Thread Lift treatment you can enjoy instant results following your procedure. Patients will see immediate results. In fact, some may event be able to return to work that same day looking refreshed and rejuvenated. And, thanks to the minimally invasive, nonsurgical nature of this lift, pain and scarring are uncommon. While you’ll likely feel confident right away, your results will also improve over the coming days and weeks as any swelling, redness, or bruising goes down.

What happens after treatment?

Patients typically return to everyday life activities, such as eating and walking, immediately. Swelling, redness, or tenderness may occur, in which case ice packs can provide relief. It’s important to treat your face delicately following the procedure. To prevent the threads from shifting, avoid washing your face or showering for 24 hours, and try to refrain from sleeping on your stomach or side for the following 3 to 5 days.

Over the next month, carefully follow our post-operative care instructions as the threads settle. These include avoiding exaggerated facial expressions, strenuous workouts, and smoking and drinking. With a bit of care and prudence, you can enjoy a beautiful recovery and a gorgeous new look.

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