Skin Care

At Derma Health, we believe in a full circle approach to skin health, which includes using appropriate skin care. We recommend the SkinScript line of products, which are fruit based, natural products, created to treat, maintain and promote healthy, glowing skin. Your patient advocate, provider or aesthetican will help you determine the best products for your skin needs.

Skin Care

Professional skin care products penetrate and perform better than over the counter products. They are specially formulated in higher concentrations of active ingredients and composed of smaller molecules for actual penetration into skin’s layers rather than simply sitting on the top of the skin.

Skin Script products are available for purchase in our clinics and used in the the majority of all of our services. All Skin Script products are fruit based, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals that can harm the skin over time. These solutions work well with the body's natural processes for a natural and effective result.

We also recommend the full line of SkinMedica products. These products come from Allergan®, the makers of BOTOX® and Juvederm fillers. Many of these products can be purchased in our clinics or purchased below with free 2-day shipping on all orders.

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How to Apply Skin Care Products

Products should be applied in a specific order and at specific times of the day for maximum effect.

Below describes in general terms the basics of each product type, and frequency/timing of use. Your aesthetician will advise on your specific skin care regimen.

Facial Filler Review

Cleanser or scrub

  • Twice Daily
  • First Step
  • Vary normal cleanser with scrub throughout the week
  • Use a washcloth for cleansing to aid in exfoliation
  • Face, neck and chest
  • Do not over cleanse to prevent dryness
  • Always follow with the steps below


  • Apply after cleansing, drying the skin
  • May be a spritz or applied with cotton ball
  • Balances the skin’s pH to prevent/reduce over sensitivity, acne, dryness
  • Prepares skin to more fully absorb the following products


  • Various specific purposes
  • Often targeting specific issues
  • Often with hydrating active ingredients but not the same as a moisturizer that acts as a barrier to moisture loss
  • Should be applied before moisturizer
  • More concentrated active ingredients that penetrate skin with smaller molecules than moisturizer

Eye Cream

  • Usually a moisturizer (barrier to moisture loss) with specific active ingredients for the delicate eye area
  • May target with peptides and retinols to reduce wrinkles and plump the skin (skin around the eyes is the most delicate and thin)


  • Moisturizer can have active ingredients to support your skin care goals
  • Creates a barrier to moisture loss
  • Important step don’t skip this! And take time to massage all products into the skin for maximum effectiveness


  • The final step is protection against damaging sun rays. All of us are susceptible to sun damage. Daily protection is our best defense.
  • Apply sunscreen in the morning and again throughout the day.
  • This is the last step in the application regimen.

*Individual results may vary. Photos are intended to give an example of one patient’s results.

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