Brilliant Distinctions | Making Fillers and BOTOX® Affordable

Brilliant Distinctions | Making Fillers and BOTOX® Affordable

What is the Brilliant Distinctions Loyalty Program?

Oooooh, we are so glad you asked! Allergan®, the makers of Juvederm® fillers and Botox® has created an app that works like a coupon bank so you can save money. This loyalty rewards program helps you earn dollars off, each time you purchase a participating Allergan® product or treatment at Derma Health. For every 100 points, you earn $10 as a credit for your next purchase!

There is a free app for download:

To check on your balance and shop in their ‘brilliant’ Mall. You can also log into the website at:

Getting Points

There are three ways to gain coupon vouchers through Brilliant Distinctions (BD):

allergan brilliant distinctions save on botox and filler

Purchase Products. Each time you purchase any of the Derma Health participating products, points accumulate in your account. You can even ‘bank’ your purchases for later use! For example, if there is a filler promotion but you are not quite ready for your touch-up, you can still purchase your fillers at the discounted price, use your Brilliant Distinctions points and get your injections at a later date!

Products that Qualify for Brilliant Distinctions:


  • Botox® for fine lines
  • Juvederm® family of fillers (Volbella® and Volumma®)
  • Kybella® for double chin fat elimination
  • Latisse ® for longer eyelashes
  • SkinMedica® line of professional, at home skin care products.

Refer a friend. If you encourage a friend to sign up for Brilliant Distinctions, you will be rewarded with even more coupons for fillers and Botox®!

Shop, shop, shop! You can also earn points by shopping at your favorite stores! BD has a Mall Portal where you can earn points by shopping at thousands of retailers such as GAP and Target.

save on botox and dermal fillers with bd mall

Keeping Track of Points

The Derma Health clinics have access to your BD account and they will inform you of credits or “coupons” that you can redeem at check out. Keep in mind, points do expire 9 months after the date of issue, so don’t let them go to waste!

Making it Simple

Suppose there is a Latisse® double points promotion and you come into a clinic to purchase a 5ml Latisee® kit and receive 1 treatment of Botox®. Your Latisse® purchase will earn 150 BD points and the Botox® treatment would give you another 200 points. That’s 350 points from that one appointment! You’ll see your credit in your BD account within 2-3 days. The next time you come in for product and treatment, you can redeem those points for dollars off. Your 350 points translates to $35 off!

We encourage all Derma Health patients to sign up for the free program. This loyalty reward program virtually gives you free money, so why not sign up?! Download the Brilliant Distinctions app, sign up with an email address and start saving today!

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