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At Derma Health we know beauty is more than skin deep that's why we treat you, the whole person, and not just your skin. We want you to be as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.

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Modern science has come a long way in helping us age gracefully and even turn back the hands of time. But with the improvements come basic questions that beg for honest, expert answers. What are the right treatments for me? How do I improve my appearance and my health at the same time?

In these pages, we have reviewed many excellent procedures and products. But the best way to answer your questions is to talk with our doctors and staff. They will give you straightforward suggestions after listening to your goals and, when appropriate, conduct tests to understand your unique needs.

We are not a typical medical spa. Our laser skin and health centers in the Valley are staffed with full-time, onsite medical doctors and professional staff. Our clinics include seven naturopathic medical doctors, one cosmetic surgeon, five nurses, medical assistants and laser certified aestheticians, who have seen more than 30,000 patients.

You will enjoy our naturopathic medical doctors because of the heart and compassion they put into their practice – they take pride in spending quality time with you — educating you on your internal health and wellness, and how this ultimately affects your outward appearance.

  • We make frequent in-house training and continuing education a priority, as well as thorough auditing, to ensure all of our doctor-supervised treatments are performed at the highest quality level and meet or exceed industry standards.
  • We are a Double Black Diamond provider of Allergan products, which is a testament to our experience. Our clinics see more patients in one week than many plastic surgeons see in six months, advancing our training, knowledge and expertise for you.

You can trust the professionals at Derma Health

  • We are the largest provider of BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM® in the Southwest, and the second largest provider in the nation.
  • We have staff that credential, teach and certify laser technicians for the State of Arizona (Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency).
  • We have one of the largest collections of cosmetic lasers in the Southwest and we use the gold standard in laser equipment to ensure superior results and your satisfaction.

We hope you try Derma Health. Our mission is to help you look and feel your best. Let’s take this journey together.