Why I’m Starting Botox At 26 | Preventing Wrinkles

Why I’m Starting Botox At 26 | Preventing Wrinkles

The Back Story

Last year, when I was twenty-five, I got a call from my mom and she was using her serious voice. You know, the voice that makes you quiver inside as you quickly flashback to every bad thing you’ve done since you were twelve.

She said to me, “I’m going to tell you something and I want you to listen to me.”

Then, I got my serious voice on and said, “OK”.

“Hon, it’s time you started getting Botox. You’re twenty-five now, so it’s time you start. Actually, you should have started when you were twenty-two, so you’re a little behind.”

… (dramatic pause).

I won’t tell you the rest of the conversation, but it was your typical, “Mother, you’re crazy, I know better than you” speech.

What Happened Today.

Let’s fast-forward to today, when I sat down for my free consultation at Derma Health. I went in initially to talk about solutions for acne scarring, but my Provider also asked me if I had ever considered BOTOX® for preventing future wrinkling.

*I’m 99% positive my mom did not call ahead to make sure we covered the topic.

Why Is Everyone Talking To Me About Botox?
botox for resting angry face

In passing, I mentioned that I wish I could shed my RBF, or “Resting B**** Face.” Have you heard of it?

Well, it’s pretty awful to live with. People find you immediately intimidating, they think you’re a snob or grumpy and decide you don’t like to laugh. In my case, none of those things are true, least of all the last one.

Anyways, my Derma Heath Provider told me that BOTOX® (of all things) could help with that!

Why I Got Excited.

Apparently, I have deeper set eyes, which causes a shadowing effect. Also, my lips are slightly down turned, but with a little dose of Botox, I can finally get a naturally pleasant expression!

What Happened Next.

At my next appointment my Medical Provider asked me some questions and listened to my concerns. She walked me through everything she planned to do and took away all of my fears.

Here’s the actual video of my appointment.


Fast Forward One Month Later.

Needless to say, I’m hooked. I really like my results of my eyebrow lift, Botox for crow’s feet and my lip flip. Here are some of my after pictures.

I highly recommend Derma Health and will be returning for more laser skin treatments and Botox injections.

botox for lips before after

botox and crow's feet before after picture



Well, shock of all shocks, I guess Mom really was right. “The sooner you get Botox, the less you will wrinkle.” Thanks for the reminder, mom.

Girls, get on board and let’s stop aging in its tracks!

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