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Host Your Own Bubbles and BOTOX® Party

BOTOX® and Bubbles! Share the “SECRET” of having BOTOX® treatments together (actual treatments given at the event). All attendees will receive a FREE Skin Analysis and Exclusive Savings. Derma Health Institute will provide, complimentary Party Invitations, Champagne or wine, hors’ devours, and Skin Analysis for everyone who attends. Hostess/Host will receive 20 COMPLIMENTARY units of

How Lasers Treat Smokers Lines Above Your Upper Lip

Besides the obvious cosmetic defect that any line on your face represents, in woman with smokers’ lines who use lipstick, to add insult to injury, the lipstick often bleeds up into those lines. Once you have smokers’ lines, even you’ve stopped smoking, they’re permanent and they don’t go away. So, what can we do to

Lift Your Eyebrow With BOTOX® and Get Rid of Frown Lines

A high arched eyebrow is a classic sign of youthful beauty and alertness. As the eyebrow and forehead descend, a loose fold of skin begins to cover the upper eyelid and make our eyes look tired and old. BOTOX® can help reverse and prevent many of these changes when started early in many people. Advanced

Get Rid of Those Wrinkles and Fine Lines

1. Apply sunscreen before any prolonged sun exposure. 2. Your body needs rest so get some sleep. 3. If your a smoker, you should quit! If you don’t smoke then don’t start, your skin will thank you. 4. Try not to squint. Sport those cool shades they really do help. Get reading glasses if you need

New Survey Reveals Increase in Non-Invasive Facial Treatments

According to the new annual survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), approximately 80 percent of board certified facial plastic surgeons reported an increase in non-invasive cosmetic procedures within the past year among consumers looking to delay the effects of aging and more costly surgeries.