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BTL Exilis Ultra

Do you want a safe, effective alternative to expensive plastic surgery and Botox? BTL (think Beauty That Lasts) Exilis Ultra is your answer.

There were more than 10 million cosmetic surgeries performed in America last year at a total cost of more than $10 billion. Those figures do not include the non-surgical procedures. Instead of spending a great deal of money on risky procedures, choose a safe, effective, non-intrusive, and inexpensive derma treatment alternative.

Research demonstrates that more seniors are staying in the workforce longer and want to maintain a younger look. In addition, many younger people want to eliminate laugh lines or crow’s feet around their eyes, tighten up a sagging chin, or minimize the bags under their eyes. It’s only natural to want to look your best in a society that values beauty, even in males. The revolutionary BTL Exilis Ultra could be your answer to derma problems. Call toll-free 866-285-1656 now for a FREE consultation to discuss your individual derma needs.

What Is BTL Exilis Ultra?

BTL Exilis Ultra is your non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery and Botox. It’s can also be a less expensive, less distressing alternative to dermabrasion, also known as diamond peel, to improve skin complexion. With to BTL Aesthetic procedures, it is not necessary to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to appear younger. BTL is convenient and inexpensive compared to many alternative procedures.

BTL Exilis Ultra is an ultra-beauty & ultra-luxurious aesthetics alternative. BTL Exilis Ultra is:

  • Ultra-Modern Technology: It is the technological combination of ultrasound and radio frequencies to deliver ultra-pragmatic results from a non-invasive device.
  • Ultra-Comfortable Treatments: You will not need anesthesia or recovery time. Many of our patients compare the therapeutic procedure to receiving a hot stone massage.
  • Ultra-Scientific Technology: Independent, nonpartisan studies demonstrate that exposure to BTL Exilis Ultra causes tightening of the skin and speeds the reduction of fat cells.
  • Ultra-Safe Intelligence: Every aspect of BTL Exilis Ultra is ultra-safe. Its integrated technology provided controlled cooling and temperature monitoring, so you can relax during this no-stress procedure.

Elle magazine praises the BTL aesthetics procedure, referring to BTL practitioners as having “body contouring and body reshaping treatments” abilities.

How Does It Work?

BTL Exilis Ultra uses the combination of ultrasound and radio frequencies delivered at the same time. This nonintrusive therapy decreases the body mass measurement and tightens skin in a specific area. When you experience problems reducing bulging fat or sagging skin in a certain area with exercise and diet alone, BTL Exilis Ultra is the ultimate answer. BTL aesthetics offers consistent results to more people due to its noninvasive therapy.

The BTL aesthetic alternative can be made available to a larger group of people because there is no surgery and recovery time involved; so, even seniors can participate in our aesthetics program. Furthermore, the cost-effective nature of BTL Exilis Ultra makes it affordable to more people, regardless of their skin type or body mass index (BMI).

The BTL Exilis Ultra Experience

Have you considered cosmetic surgery or toxic injections? You can look years younger through an aesthetic procedure that will not drain your budget or require a long, painful recovery. After your BTL Exilis Ultra experience, you can return to work and the gym; in fact, you can participate in every function of your daily routine without worry or stress.

Many who have undergone the BTL Exilis Ultra experience have been told by their loved ones and others of a noticeable change in their appearance after as few as two treatments; however, the norm for patients is two to four treatments. Most patients who exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of fluids realize their goals quickly with the BTL aesthetic program.

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No matter your situation or the area for which you need derma treatment, the BTL Exilis Ultra experience is right for you. Contact the professional practitioners at BTL for a FREE consultation to formulate a treatment plan that addresses your area of concern. Many medical professionals now use the BTL aesthetic solution in their offices. You can find a physician worldwide, close to you or become a physician that offers this pain-free solution to your patients.


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