Alec, Assistant Practice Manager/CoolSculpting Expert

4 Years Of Experience. Medical Assistant & CoolSculpting Expert

As Assistant Practice Manager, Alec has the opportunity to interact with patients daily.  She enjoys learning about our amazing patients and developing relationships and a connection with each of them. Alec is passionate about helping people achieve their skin and body goals, which she feels boosts their self-esteem and overall happiness.

Since Alec has Melasma, her favorite treatment is Moxi, as it is one of the few lasers that is safe for treating Melasma patients. She is also a big fan of Botox and has been getting treatments since she was 25 for preventative reasons. Alec is also a CoolSculpting Expert and has achieved outstanding results for patients.

Her two favorite products are the SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex because she believes it is the best growth factor product on the market and is also great for post procedure recovery. Her second favorite is the SkinMedica’s Essential Defense Sunscreen. She loves this product because her skin tends to be somewhat oily, but feels it does not leave her skin greasy or shiny.