How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Do I Need?

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Do I Need?

There are a lot of opinions out there about just how many sessions are required to get optimal results (i.e. No Hair!!!). If you shop around, get a consultation, or conduct a Google search…you’ll not find a consensus. Why?

The Truth Lies in the Science

The truth is, there is no magic number. Let’s talk about the science behind the why.

Hair grows in cycles so when you go in for a treatment in July, the laser is targeting the dark pigment of the hair follicles currently active in the growth cycle. This may be about 80% of all follicles in the area. Those follicles will then shed the hair over the next few days or weeks. But wait! Additional follicles will then begin their growth cycle and those hairs will also need to be targeted in the next treatment session in 4-6 weeks.

Over time, with multiple treatments you will significantly reduce the number of hair producing follicles. Remember, laser hair removal is actually permanent hair reduction. So with multiple treatments you are permanently reducing the number of follicles producing hair. Each treatment will address the remaining follicles in their growth cycle for smooth and (nearly) hair free skin for the long term.

Treatment providers may say 4-6 treatments are typical or perhaps 5-7…but the bottom line is that it depends. Your body is unique. Your hair and skin color and texture combination is unique. Your hormones driving hair growth are unique. hair follicle laser hair removal skin treatmentEach person will require a customized approach get the result you want.

Additionally your body is a complex organism and is constantly changing. You may experience hormonal changes throughout your life that cause increased hair growth and so you may need follow-up treatments. Most patients do experience some fine re-growth after about a year and typically at least one treatment per year is necessary to really maintain those excellent results.

Laser Hair Removal: An Evolution

Laser hair removal technology has evolved over many years to now include devices that offer a more precise application of the laser to the follicle resulting in a faster and pain free treatment experience. If you haven’t tried laser hair removal, talk to your friends…the results are phenomenal. Imaging no longer spending 15-20 minutes in the shower every day to shave. Imagine not spending that extra $10,000 throughout your lifetime on shaving and hair removal products. Imagine having silky smooth legs or the bikini area without the bumps, ingrown hairs or dark follicles.

Ask Questions

When you speak to a provider about your treatment plan ask questions. Based on your hair type and color and skin color what are the expected number of treatments? What type of laser device will be used? What is the timing for each follow-up treatment? Is there any sort of guarantee of results? What is the price for follow-up treatments (after the initial treatment course)?


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