10 Reasons Not to Get Laser Hair Removal

10 Reasons Not to Get Laser Hair Removal

First let me say, if you are good candidate for laser hair removal, do it! Because, really, who loves shaving every day? Who loves spending all that money on razors, waxing and depilatories? No one, ever.

While we do love laser hair removal, unfortunately, it is not for everyone. There are very specific rule out conditions to consider. And it is always best to consult with a provider before making your decision. He/she can assess your personal medical history and your unique skin and hair type to determine if treatment would be successful.

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You have probably heard that only people with dark, coarse hair and light skin tone can get a successful result with laser hair removal treatments. That was in the past. Today there are various types of laser technologies that can address a broader spectrum of skin and hair types. 

Get the Facts

To help clear it up, we’ve compiled a list of contraindications for laser hair removal. (Note this list is NOT exhaustive, so be sure to talk to your provider)

You may not want to start a series of laser hair treatments if you:

  1. Have a suntan or are using spray tan or artificial tanners
  2. Have recently taken antibiotics or supplements that support hair growth
  3. Have active oral or genital herpes
  4. Have a hormonal condition that causes hair growth
  5. Have plucked, tweezed, bleached or had electrolysis in recent weeks
  6. Have white, gray, blond or red hair
  7. Have a history of melanoma, raised or irregular moles or keloid scarring
  8. Have or are taking Accutane, tetrocyclene, or St. John’s Wart
  9. Have an autoimmune disease
  10. Have tattoos or permanent make-up in the area

Everyone Should Get a Consultation

If you find you do have one or more of these contraindications for the treatment, don’t give up! Talk to a few providers to get expert opinions and be sure to check out the various laser equipment out there. It may be easy for you to make a few small adjustments so you can eventually start treatment for a hair free future!

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