What Happened At My FemTouch Appointment | Part 2

What Happened At My FemTouch Appointment | Part 2

Today was my first appointment with Derma Health for my FemTouch vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

Was I nervous? Sure. But I felt comfortable upon walking in the door. The front desk staff are friendly and welcoming. They knew my name, offered me a drink and a comfortable chair so I could fill out my pre-treatment paperwork.

Upon completion, my Provider came out to take me to the treatment room. She is super friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. And thank goodness! I mean after all we are going to spend some very meaningful time together!

I’ll break it down for you step by step.

Step One | Getting to Know You

First my Provider reviewed my paperwork and my concerns. We discussed each concern in detail…how long has this been happening, I rated on a scale how it impacts my life, how many children I have had vaginally, what is my topmost concern today, have I ever had my pH tested or my hormones tested, etc.

We talked about the structure of the vagina itself and she explained what is physically happening in relation to my symptoms. She explained how the laser treatment impacts those symptoms, how long the healing will be, what to expect in the days following, how many treatments I would need in total and answered all of my questions.


***BTW, my personal main concerns are pain during intercourse, persistent vaginal dryness and a little incontinence when I exercise or sneeze.

Step 2 | Starting the Process

When I felt I had all my questions answered we discussed the procedure itself. She then gave me the standard open back cotton hospital gown and asked me to strip from the waist down, put on the gown, hop on the treatment bed, legs in stirrups and she’d come right back in.

Once that familiar process was complete she came in to begin applying the numbing cream to the external treatment area (I had both external and internal treatments). The numbing cream takes 15-20 minutes to work so as that was happening, the gown was over my knees and I could lay back a bit to relax. During this process, my Provider told me everything she was doing to set up for the treatment like getting out supplies, setting up the laser and generally chatting with me about kids and life to kill time while numbing.

After 20 minutes she asked me to skooch down to the end of the table just like in a pap or pelvic exam, allow my knees to open and she used a cotton swab to dry the internal portion. Then she turned on the laser equipment.

A word about the laser machine femtouch vaginal rejuvenation laser

It is a sort of boxy thing that is about 3 feet tall with tubes that come out off it with a blue plastic attachment thingy…(see image to the right). That blue part is what is inserted for the internal part of the procedure.

Step 3 | The Process Mid-Stream

Ok, I am about to have a laser machine inserted into my hoohaa for about 10 minutes…if the nerves kick in, here’s where it is!

My Provider asked me all throughout the procedure if was ok, in any pain or discomfort, feeling anything at all…

I felt NOTHING. No pain, no heat, no discomfort. There was a gentle vibration sensation deep within that told me the machine was doing something in there but…that’s it! Thank goodness!

Step 4 | The External Process

Now to the external part of the procedure. This is where the numbing cream was removed. Derma Health recommends numbing cream for this part because there are more sensitive nerve endings externally… so, yeah be sure you use the cream. Once the laser treatment started, she explained that the outer most areas are the most sensitive and so I may feel a little zap, but the inner most areas I should feel little to nothing.

Yes, I felt little zaps on the outermost area of the tissue but that was for about 30 seconds each side. No big deal. In fact, I commented that I had laser hair removal done in the area several years ago, at a different company, and that hurt a whole heck of a lot, nothing like this.

Step 5 | Wrapping it Up

All told, this procedure for the internal and external tissue was about 20 minutes from actual start of the lasering to the end. Easy peasy!

In my personal situation, I need a total of 3 treatments but my Provider advised that I may see a good result after just one!

After dressing, we discussed aftercare. I was given castor oil to apply topically for a few days to prevent any chafing and to limit any itchy sensation. You do not want to scratch during healing. Itching can happen…but it’s been 24 hours after my first treatment and I have no signs of itching.

The Conclusion of the Matter

Immediately after the procedure, I did feel a bit swollen in the area and slightly tender. Meaning, I just noticed when using the bathroom and I was naturally more careful with the tissue paper! No big deal and that has already diminished as of today.

So I am on vaginal rest for 72 hours (no sex!) and if I have any questions or concerns I know to call my Provider. So far, so good! Looking forward to reporting back in a week or so.

Thanks for coming along this journey, I hope you begin yours soon.

M – Real Patient from Phoenix, Az

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