Why We Decided Not To Offer CoolSculpting at Derma Health

Why We Decided Not To Offer CoolSculpting at Derma Health

For years, CoolSculpting has been a buzz word in the laser body contouring world. When this new technology came out, Derma Health did our due diligence in vetting the process to make sure it lived up to our high standards of effectiveness and results. Sadly, CoolSculpting did not meet our standards, so we passed over the technology, offering Exilis laser body contouring… however, things have changed and there is now a chill in the air.

Yes, beginning in January of 2018, Derma Health will now provide CoolSculpting as a viable option for body contouring!

Why offer CoolSculpt now?

Glad you asked! Over the last six years, CoolSculpt has been performed on thousands of people and the technology has now evolved to meet our standards of excellence, proving to be more than a fad.

  • CoolSculpt now has a very high patient satisfaction rating, with patients reporting a 25% decrease in fat with only 1-2 treatments with no surgery and no down-time.
  • CoolSculpt has also reduced the time it takes to have a treatment from 1 hour to 35 minutes per area.
  • CoolSculpt now offers ‘dual-sculpting’ – which is using two CoolSculpt machines at once to treat 2 areas at the same time, making the process easier and more convenient for the client.
  • Allergan, the makers of Botox and Juvéderm purchased the technology in 2017, providing much technological backing and support for this body contouring option.

While Tumescent Liposuction still gets a more effective result with minimal to no down-time, there remains a large group of the population who want a ‘lunch time’ solution. Derma Health has come full circle in offering three options for body contouring:

  1. CoolSculpting – freezing fat cells (non-invasive)
  2. BTL Exilis Ultra – body contouring and fat reduction using heat (non-invasive)


Why we said ‘NO’ in 2016 to CoolSculpt

In 2016, we considered offering CoolSculpting to our repertoire of body contouring options. Below are the reasons why we said, ‘no’ and you will see our responses to the technology in 2018.

  • 2016: CoolSculpting stated in its press release that one can expect an average of 20% improvement and that multiple treatments are usually needed. Only 5% of our staff saw noticeable results and most thought it was an uncomfortable procedure. Many also experienced painful post treatment symptoms for about two weeks!
  • 2018: Clients of CoolSculpt are now seeing up to a 25% reduction in fat in treated areas. Our staff have seen considerable results themselves and report the treatment to be much more comfortable than before! (image below from actual DHI employee)

CoolSculpt under chin

  • 2016: CoolSculpting treatments appear to be a low-cost alternative to tumescent Liposuction, but actually end up costing thousands of dollars after performing multiple treatments. In the long run, repeated CoolSculpting treatments are more expensive and less effective than tumescent liposuction.
  • 2018: Because CoolSculpting is now seeing greater results with fewer treatments, CoolSculpt is now a reasonable solution for body contouring.


  • 2016: The long term health effects of CoolSculpting’s aggressive tissue cooling are not known.
  • 2018:  CoolSculpt has proven to be a safe treatment for surrounding tissue.


  • 2016: The CoolSculpting machine can only grab a small amount of fat at a time and takes an hour for every small area. The abs, for example, require two hours. If you have treatments done for your love handles, which are very popular, that would be another two hours. To get the maximum results with CoolSculpting for these areas, it would take three treatments and a total of twelve hours. 
  • 2018: CoolSculpt now comes with various size attachments, allowing a targeted and controlled treatment. These various pieces are crafted to fit different body parts, offering a more thorough treatment. This means clients do not need as many treatments as before. Further, CoolSculpting now offers ‘dual sculpting’, which cuts treatment times in half!


  • 2016: Weight loss fads come and go. These can be very tempting because they seem to offer what the patient wants — claims such as “non-surgical” and “less expensive”. First there was SmartLipo, Zerona and Bodytite. Today it’s CoolSculpting. 
  • 2018: While it is true that fads come and go, CoolSculpting has only grown in popularity, due to the increasingly positive results. The technology is now tested through time and has won Derma Health over!

Derma Health’s Commitment to You

Know that when you trust Derma Health for your skin and body needs, we take your results, your experience and your budget very seriously. This is why we only provide tried and true solutions that will give you the best results at a reasonable cost.

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