JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus XC® Fillers Provide Smooth Natural-Looking Facial Skin

Longer Lasting JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus XC® is a smooth gel filler that instantly smoothes away wrinkles and adds volume around your mouth, nose and face.

Fillers are among our most popular cosmetic treatments on the market. They are a smooth, all natural gel that is injected under the skin. Fillers instantly smooth away wrinkles and add volume to your face.

With just one treatment, you will get smooth, natural-looking results that last up to a year. In fact, JUVÉDERM® is one of the longest-lasting facial fillers available today. Our Hylaxross technology provides better volume and longer-lasting results.

Everyone Will Notice; No One Will Know

Everyone loses collagen and the plumpness to our face as we age. The result? Sagging skin, lines and wrinkles. JUVÉDERM® contours and brings back the plumpness to your skin that we lose over time. It’s subtle yet undeniably noticeable how refreshed and youthful you appear.

From smile lines to vertical lip lines, you can smooth away unwanted wrinkles and restore natural contours with this effective and safe solution that lasts up to a year!

How Does it Work?

Young, healthy-looking skin contains a naturally hydrating substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). As you age, sunlight and other factors can reduce the HA in your skin; it loses structure and volume, unwanted facial wrinkles and folds (like those parentheses lines around your nose and mouth) appear.

JUVÉDERM® safely replaces the HA your skin has lost, bringing back its volume and smoothing away facial wrinkles and folds. Kiss those lines goodbye!

Why Choose Derma Health?

We are the #2 provider of JUVÉDERM® in the nation. That means experience and assurance that you’ll get optimal results at Derma Health. When you select Derma Health, you get a huge bonus for free – a caring staff that takes the time to understand you and your concerns before the procedure begins.

Save Money With Brilliant Distinctions

Think of this as a “frequent flyer” program for JUVÉDERM®. You earn points every time you purchase an Allergan product, and your points act just like cash at Derma Health. The points can go toward purchases of JUVÉDERM® and its sister products, BOTOX® Cosmetic and Latisse®. Click here for more information.

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