Micropeels: The Holy Grail Of Skin Rejuvenation Between Treatments

Micropeels: The Holy Grail Of Skin Rejuvenation Between Treatments

If you’re like most of us, there are days when you glance in the mirror and wonder, “When did I start to look so…meh?” Or maybe you’ve wrapped up a laser treatment series and your skin is begging for that extra glow. Don’t fret. There’s a superhero in the skincare world ready to come to your rescue: Micropeels.

What the Heck is a Micropeel?

Imagine your favorite facial got a major upgrade. That’s a Micropeel. It’s the power couple of skincare: microneedling and a chemical peel. First, there’s creating tiny micro-wounds on the surface of your skin with the microneedlng device (way more relaxing than it sounds) to stimulate collagen growth.

Next, a sassy chemical solution struts in to dissolve and banish any dullness, promoting the growth of fresh, glow-getting skin cells. It’s like your skin’s very own spa day, with benefits that last way longer than a cucumber eye mask. All of this for only $299 per treatment.

What’s in it for Your Skin?

Micropeels aren’t just for the Hollywood elite. Whether you’re battling fine lines, sun damage, or that occasional ‘why is my skin doing this?’ moment, Micropeels are here for you. They’re like a Swiss Army knife of skincare – versatile, practical, and oh-so-effective.

The Deets on the Micropeel Procedure

Here’s what goes down: your aesthetician, armed with professional tools and an eye for perfection, starts with a good ol’ cleansing. Then, the microneedling magic happens. A slight tingling sensation follows as the chemical peel solution makes its grand entrance. But don’t worry, we’re not leaving your skin high and dry. A soothing mask or serum is applied to calm things down.

Post-treatment, you might experience a bit of redness, tightness, or flaking. Consider it a small price to pay for the skin of your dreams. And remember, sunblock is your new BFF.

Why Derma Health for Your Micropeel Treatment?

We don’t just ‘do’ Micropeels. We tailor each treatment to you, your skin, and your unique needs. Our aestheticians? They’re more like skin whisperers, highly skilled in the art of Micropeels.

Ready for your Cinderella moment? Book a skin analysis or a complimentary consultation today by giving us a call at 480-470-5747 or completing the form, and let’s get you that happily-ever-after skin!