Radiesse Dermal Filler

Radiesse Dermal Filler

Radiesse adds volume to the face and hands and smooths wrinkles. But did you know it also also stimulates collagen production to restore volume through the process of collagenesis? Radiesse typically lasts up to 12 months and is effective for smile or nasolabial lines, marionette lines, and jowls. It is also highly effective in restoring lost volume to the back of hands. Many facial fillers used today use a hyaluronic acid base, but Radiesse uses small calcium based microspheres to provide a deeper effect and stimulate collagen.


What does Radiesse treat?

Radiesse filler is used in the face and hands to add volume instantly and over time, stimulate the growth of natural collagen. The use of the filler subtly smoothes lines and wrinkles by plumping and lifting the skin to create a more youthful contour for the face and hands. The treatment results can last up 1 year. At Derma Health our approach is a naturally refreshed look (never over-done).

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is composed of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended in a gel carrier. It provides immediate correction and works over time to stimulate the body’s own collagen production. Radiesse can be mixed with a small amount of lidocaine for an anesthetic effect, improving the comfort of the injection.

Who is/is not a good candidate for Radiesse?

Most adults are great candidates for filler injections. You might not be a good candidate if you have:

  • Severe allergies with a history of anaphylaxis
  • Presence of multiple severe allergies
  • History of allergies to lidocaine or Gram-positive bacterial proteins

Where on the body can Radiesse be used?

The product is versatile and is used in various parts of the face such as:

  • Lines around the mouth (smile lines, marionette lines)
  • Jowl folds (adds structure and definition to the jawline)
  • Lines at the corners of the mouth
  • Chin wrinkles

Additionally, this product is used to plump the backs of the hands. As we age or if our body fat is very low, the skin thins and tendons become more prominent. This filler adds volume and plumpness.

Your provider will assess your specific needs and goals to recommend the best product and placement for you.

How does Radiesse work?

The filler Radiesse works by placing a long-lasting gel into facial or hand tissue. It adds volume, smooths lines and wrinkles and lifts for subtle but remarkable effects.

Is Radiesse painful?

You can prevent injection pain by working with your provider to topically numb the area prior to treatment and mix the product with lidocaine to give you an even more comfortable experience. Most report minimal discomfort.

During the treatment, you can expect a feeling of pressure, typically not pain, as the gel is injected. With facial treatment you may hear sounds during the injections as the small needle penetrates the tissue. It can sound like crunching or popping. This is perfectly normal. The product is placed deep into the tissue. Our providers are very gentle and understanding and will ensure your comfort during the procedure.

How long is the Radiesse appointment?

The treatment itself is brief. Depending upon the areas addressed and the number of syringes of product used, the actual injections may take from 15 minutes to 1 hour. The use of a topical numbing cream before treatment that may add 20-45 minutes to the appointment.

How long does Radiesse last?

Although correction is temporary, it is immediate and long lasting (up to 1 year). The gel is naturally broken down and absorbed by the body and the calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres are metabolized leaving your own natural collagen. Repeat injections are usually needed to maintain optimal correction.

How many treatments do I need of Radiesse?

Only one treatment is required to achieve optimal results but remember, correction is temporary. The product will naturally break down and be absorbed by the body over time.

How do I prepare for my Radiesse appointment?

Prior to your treatment appointment you will need to remove all makeup and products or the provider can do it for you. The skin is then prepped with an antiseptic topically to prevent the introduction of bacteria during the injections.

What should I do or expect after my Radiesse treatment?

Your provider may advise you to not exercise strenuously, have extensive sun or heat exposure (like hot tubs or saunas), or drink alcoholic beverages for 24 hours. This helps prevent temporary redness, swelling, and/or itching of the injection sites. Your provider may advise you to place an ice pack over any swollen areas. Ask when makeup may be used after your treatment.

What are the common risks, side effect or concerns of Radiesse?

Your provider will review your full medical history with you to determine any potential contraindications to the recommended treatment. The key rules outs are:

  • Severe allergies marked by a history of anaphylaxis
  • History or presence of multiple severe allergies
  • History of allergies to lidocaine or Gram-positive bacterial proteins

Side effects are rare, and most are mild or moderate, with a short duration of 7 days or less. The most common side effects are temporary injection site redness, pain or tenderness, firmness, swelling, lumps/bumps, bruising, itching, and discoloration. See more about potential side effects here.

What are the costs and payment options for Radiesse?

At Derma Health we recognize your needs are unique. Therefore, we offer all patients free consultations to assess the treatment options and combinations that will give you the best, ultimate outcome. Regarding payment, we have various options to fit your needs and budget. We accept cash, debit cards, all major credit cards and we offer two types of easy approval financing. To learn more about financing or to apply online click here.

*Individual results may vary. Photos are intended to give an example of one patient’s results.

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