Skin Care in My 60s and Over

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In your 60s you will have some of the same issues you had in your 40s and 50s. These issues are just more acute at this stage. Collagen loss and the thinning of the skin will become more noticeable.

Strategy for Your 60s

Home care
This still remains a big part of your solution. Key skin care pieces at this point are:

Vitamin A – Also known as retinoids. These are critical for exfoliation of dry skin build-up.

Vitamins C and E – are both antioxidants, and you need both. These protect the skin cells by fighting free radicals. Hydration becomes an issue as our hormone production slows, and you’ll want to ensure you’ve got a rich moisturizer in your line.

Professional Care
Laser resurfacing is vital. It’s a little more invasive because it is almost like a “sanding” of your skin, but oh the results! Like gently sanding a board, it reveals fresh new skin, reduces those fine lines, skin crepeness, discoloration from sun damage and pore size. It’s also a fantastic solution for eye-lid hooding.

Less invasive laser treatments are also ideal as maintenance and preventative care. Those include Photofacials for sun damage, Laser Genesis for collagen stimulation and Titan Infrared Laser Light for tightening loose skin.

BOTOX® and fillers are icing on the cake. The fillers provide a solid foundation for the newly forming collagen and add plumpness and contouring to your cheeks, temples, under eyes, mouth and lips. Botox® provides that final touch to pick up those last fine lines around the eyes, between the eyes and forehead lines.