Skin Care in My 40s & 50s

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Your body has completely stopped producing collagen. Collagen is what gives you that plump youthful look to your skin. In your 40s you’re going to start seeing cumulative sun damage. Your skin will also have less elasticity. During this stage your skin will struggle to retain moisture and maintain that healthy glow. Cell turnover is half of what it was when you were younger, which means old skin stays put and your skin can start looking a little less bright than you would like.

Strategy for Your 40s

Home Care
Use a good clinical skin line daily as in your 20s and 30s. Add a retinol (Vitamin A) for those fine lines and for extra exfoliation; ensure you’re adding Vitamins C and E as antioxidants to fight free radicals.

Professional Care
You’ll want to beef up the professional care in this age group by increasing your facials, microdermabrasions or peels: Photofacials for sun damage, Laser Genesis for collagen stimulation and Titan treatments to help prevent skin from early sagging.

BOTOX® is perfect to erase lines on the forehead, between the eyes and the crow’s feet. Use BOTOX® about every 3 to 5 months and begin considering fillers to naturally add back volume, highlight cheek bones and plump lips.


In your 50s you will notice changes in the tone, texture and tightness of your skin:

Tone: If you’re in your 50s now, most of us weren’t in tune to sun screen growing up. Sun damage accumulates, and brown spots appear here and there. You may have accumulated dark circles under your eyes as well.

Texture: Fine lines are common around the crow’s feet, between your eyes and forehead lines. Smile lines begin to deepen, and we start to get those jowls we all said we would never get. Dare we mention those little growths on our skin that start appearing (known as SK’s)

Tightness: Collagen, that vital necessity for looking youthful, is no longer being produced. Our skin gets thinner as we approach menopause. We begin seeing some hollowness under our eyes and temples, and our lips are thinner. Elasticity is less than it used to be, and most of us start to notice loose skin in the neck area; we start talking about eye-lid hooding.

Taking care of aging skin is vital and should include a well thought-out program.

Strategy for Your 50s

Home Care
Keep up those healthy habits you hopefully formed in your 20s. A clinical skin care line is vital.

Supplement the clinical line from your previous generation to ensure you’ve got 3 vital additional ingredients; Vitamins A (retinoids), C and E for antioxidant protection from free radicals. And Peptides make a big difference for collagen and elastin generation.

Professional Care
In your 50s professional care is even more important. Increase your facials and microdermabrasions to a monthly routine to keep pores clean, skin exfoliated and looking fresh. Cell turnover is infrequent at this stage, and these treatments will keep the new beautiful skin at the surface.

Photofacials are fantastic for easily removing sun damage. Laser genesis stimulates collagen and Titan is used for skin tightening in the neck and jowl area. You may also need to supplement or even swap out those treatments for a laser resurfacing treatment which will address tone.

The lasers encourage your body to create and grow collagen. At this time, it’s perfect to add fillers. They act as scaffolding for the newly forming collagen and give that extra POW to the overall look. The lasers conversely add duration to your fillers such as a Juvederm.

BOTOX® is the final ingredient. It can be added before or after the laser treatments and will show noticeable results within days. It’s the #1 professional cosmetic treatment in America.