Tumescent Liposuction... You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Tumescent Liposuction is body sculpting and fat removal at its very best.

Tell me the difference I’ll experience with tumescent liposuction.

Tumescent liposuction is the gold standard for body sculpting and fat removal, and the results greatly outmatch other types of fat removal procedures – like traditional liposuction and CoolSculpting – while providing optimum safety for our Phoenix, AZ patients.

This two-hour tumescent liposuction outpatient procedure gives you immediate results in a single treatment, performed by our resident expert and double-board certified Phoenix, AZ cosmetic surgeon, Dr. William Shell.

Why is tumescent liposuction a better technique?

Your results will be precise; unlike CoolSculpting that does not provide body contouring, and in most cases, requires multiple treatments to see results.

Before the tumescent liposuction technique was available, much larger incisions had to be made in fatty areas for insertion of long liposuction cannulas.

The cannulas that were inserted through the skin were typically quite large, compared to the cannula size options used in tumescent liposuction.

The traditional technique typically requires general anesthesia, causing a longer recovery time and increased risk of blood loss or reaction to anesthesia.

Bottom line – tumescent liposuction is safer and provides you with better results.

The most significant improvement with tumescent liposuction is the use of a local anesthetic instead of general anesthesia.

This makes tumescent liposuction one of the most precise and safe procedures in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery, reducing your complications from anesthesia and fluid loss due to larger incisions and larger instruments.

Is liposuction right for you?

We make it our mission to ensure you feel comfortable, safe and well taken care during your Derma Health experience in our Phoenix, AZ clinics. You and your health are our priority!

Contact us and ask us more about tumescent liposuction – we’ll help you decide if it is the right choice for you.