Hormones Out of Control? We have the Answer

Bio-Match All Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy can help restore you to your former self by rebalancing your hormones that may be out of whack.

Are hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain and fatigue part of your life? If so, your hormones may be out of whack. Whether it’s menopause that’s coming or other causes, it may be time to replace those hormones you’re losing.

In the old days, many women would curl up in a corner to deal with their anxiety and a host of other symptoms of unbalanced hormones. It’s not necessary to go through that any longer. Our medical staff are experts in this area and can easily measure your hormone levels and get you back to being the best that you can be. We’ll get to know you, and customize a solution for you. It’s easy.

First, we will need to know a few things, such as:

  • A comprehensive review of symptoms, as well as your medical, family and personal history

  • Current symptoms

  • Your tolerance for specific medications, procedures or therapies

  • And most importantly, your opinion and preferences

We then take a sample of your hormones with our Bio-Match All Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy, which includes:

  • Saliva testing and laboratory analysis

  • Natural Hormone Balancing Cream Prescription

  • High quality supplements

  • Nutritional planning

At Derma Health, we can help restore you to your former self by taking a sample of your hormones and creating an individual plan using all-natural Bio-identical (not synthetic) hormones that perfectly match those you have lost. Today, women are suffering with unbalanced hormones because they are entering menopause or from other health related issues. With this therapy, women can feel younger than their years, and lead more active lives than previous generations. Despite the problems unbalanced hormones may bring, the years afterward can be highly productive and satisfying. Let us help get you on the path to a new and overall healthier you.