Easy Trim Diet Will Jump Start Your Weight Loss

Easy Trim is an inexpensive and flexible diet plan that caters to individualized lifestyles and tastes.

With the Easy Trim Diet you’ll learn how easy it can be to lose weight and feel great!

No matter how you disguise it, losing weight is tough. The Easy Trim Diet is an inexpensive, medically supervised diet that provides the flexibility to cater to individualized lifestyles and tastes.


The 21-Day Easy Trim Diet is intended to jump-start weight-loss. It lets you eat “normal” food, and in many cases food you like. Whether you have five or 100 pounds to lose, this gives you an easy-to-follow guideline for those critical three weeks when you want to lose weight quickly.

At the end of 21 days, you may choose to move to a maintenance plan or repeat the initial process. You’ll visit one of our caring physicians each week, and fat-burner and/or B12 injections are offered to further accelerate your success and keep you feeling great. You can continue with Easy Trim until your goals are met.

All the while, the friendly and professional Derma Health staff will be there to help and encourage you. We will applaud your success and offer helpful advice if you fall short of your goal. Ultimately, we want to see a healthy, happy and slender you.