Introducing Juvéderm® VOLBELLA®: Make Your Pout Count

Do you want to skip the trout pout and go straight to pillow lips? Now you can with Juvéderm® VOLBELLA®.


Aging tends to make our lips more vulnerable and susceptible to the elements. Sun damage and the loss of the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid makes the lips look thin, less defined and fine lines form. Because the lips are one of the most fragile portions on the face, the skincare pioneers at Juvéderm® have developed an HA centered injectable filler specifically for the lips.

What is VOLBELLA®?

Juvéderm® has once again provided women everywhere a reason to smile (minus the smile lines of course). The makers of Botox have brought a new injectable HA filler that is specifically for lips. Similar to other Juvéderm® fillers, VOLBELLA® is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler that is specially formulated with Lidocaine to increase comfort during the treatment process. Designed for gentle restoration to provide a natural, subtle look to the lips. It can also be used to define lip contours, treat oral commissures and to smooth fine lines around the mouth.

How does it Work?

A modified form of hyaluronic acid (HA), VOLBELLA® is another facial filler beauty tool used to plump the lips. The interesting element about all of the Juvéderm®; fillers is they are formulated to mimic the natural HA in our bodies. These innovative facial fillers deliver nutrients, keep the skin hydrated and soft, and add volume to troublesome areas of the skin. The result is smooth, natural affects to the lips that keep your pout on point. What makes VOLBELLA® even more unique is the patented Vycross technology. Through technology and science, the skincare experts at Juvéderm® have developed an advanced facial filler with crosslinking to achieve a greater lift capacity with longer lasting results.

Moreover, this innovative facial filler absorbs less water, resulting in considerably less swelling compared to the traditional facial fillers. With less downtime, the treatment itself includes a natural anesthetic and has results lasting up to 12 months. Typical treatment areas include the lips and corners of the mouth, smoothing fine lines and plumping those pesky marionette lines. Other benefits of VOLBELLA® include: diminishing vertical lip lines, highlight the boarder of the lips, plump the lips to make them fuller and more profound (but not too profound!) and to enhance the cupid’s bow or the “M” portion of your lips.

Getting Down to Specifics

The skin on the lips is delicate and thin. The thinning element increases as we age, leaving behind wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid that moisturizers our skin from within dramatically decreases as we age. Lips show signs of aging by becoming thinner, volume is decreased and they lack definition. Similar to VOLIFT®, VOLBELLA® is an injectable gel facial filler but formulated as the thinner option to use on the lips and fine lines to hydrate, plump and smooth. Ideal for the lips to get rid of those pesky lipstick lines.

Can it Be Used with Other Injectable Facial Fillers?

Yes! Both VOLIFT® and VOLBELLA® can be used intermittently to remedy many skin issues. Treatments can also be combined with facial lasers to help stimulate collagen growth and increase the skin’s elasticity properties. For more information about all of the skin care treatment options visiting with a caring staff member and physician at Derma Health can help you decide which facial fillers and skincare treatments will work best for your skin. One of our goals is to help you feel great about the choices available to enhance your appearance through the many beauty beneficial products we offer.

What to Expect with VOLBELLA®

Your smile is extremely important and thankfully, VOLBELLA® can make it better! Studies have shown that 98% of VOLBELLA® users reported their lips appearance goals were successful. Following the injection patients will experience slight redness or small bruising around the injection site. The effects should be gone within a week. If you are worried about the redness or bruising makeup can be applied 12 hours after injection. Moderate swelling is also to be expected, but typically wears off within 24 hours.

Why Choose Derma Health?

Derma Health takes your skincare needs and turns them into our needs. Our goal is to address each skincare concern on an individual level by providing one-on-one treatment services. By providing the most ground-breaking beauty and skincare products, our caring team of physicians can help our patients both look and feel their best. If you have been searching for a qualified, caring beauty and skincare expert Derma Health can be your solution for an array of skincare issues. We provide patients with a path to achieving younger, smoother, toned skin from the inside out. Our experience has left us wanting more. More advanced technology in the beauty industry, more state-of-the-art science that will offer our patients options and services to look their very best. Don’t let your smile lines get you down, VOLBELLA® can quickly turn your frown into a radiant, younger, and beautiful smile.