Vycross Technology for Facial Fillers | Natural, Smooth, Long-Lasting

Vycross Technology for Facial Fillers | Natural, Smooth, Long-Lasting

If you have done even a little research on facial fillers, you have likely heard of the Vycross technology. What is it and why is it important? Great questions. Let’s get into just a little of the specifics so you can make the best choice for your dermal filler needs.

What is Vycross Technology for Facial Fillers?

Most facial fillers are made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance in the body. This substance has an extremely strong ability hold and attract moisture, even under the skin. That moisture is what gives the ‘lift’ to the different areas of the skin, typically in the face.

The Vycross technolgy (VT) describes the combination of the molecular weights in the substance. Before now, most dermal fillers were a constitution of 100% high molecular weight. The VT is different in that, it is comprised of a 10% high molecular weight and a 90% low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.formulation for vycross technology in dermal filler

Why Does Vycross Technology Matter?

  • One of the biggest stigmas that follow facial fillers is the ‘fake’ or ‘overdone’ effect. This is a worry of the past with VT (when used in moderation – too much of any filler with give an unnaturally smooth look). The new combination of molecular weights allows the injector to mold and contour the substance for a more natural appearance. Facial fillers with VT provide a more natural look.
  • The gel-like liquid is a smoother substance than has been previously used. This also means, less swelling and less pain during the injection.
  • Further, this revolutionary technology provides a longer lasting effect, even up to 18 months (most fillers last 1 year).
  • *Bonus – these fillers also contain the anaesthetic, Lidocaine, which numbs the injection site, making the process much more enjoyable.

where facial filler can be usedWhich Derma Fillers Use the Vycross Technology?

Right now, the most common fillers that use VT are Allergan’s Juvederm family of fillers:



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