Skin Care For Teens

Skin Care For Teens

With the onset of acne and other hormonal skin changes during teenage years, it’s important to help your kids get into a skincare routine and manage unwanted symptoms. UC Davis Health found that 85 percent of teenage girls get acne starting at age 11 and boys start developing acne just a few years later. By incorporating simple skincare routines and products, teens can protect their youthful glow while combating problem areas.

Cleansing Routine

Good skincare starts with a good cleanse. With sweat and makeup plaguing pores, it is important to have the proper tools to wipe the day away and give skin time to recharge and refresh. Cleansers come in all sorts of formulas but it’s important to find a face wash that fits a teen’s particular needs. If skin is dry or oily, a cleanser can help to balance those issues and provide some relief. Moisturizers are also important, especially if acne is present, because it can help improve skin texture so there is less oil production. If deciding on a face wash or moisturizer sounds too overwhelming, estheticians can help guide teens in the right direction for what will benefit their skin type the most. Cleansers that may be of benefit for teenage skin include Skin Script’s Glycolic Cleanser, Green Tea Citrus, or Raspberry Refining Cleanser.

To get a deeper clean, estheticians can use facial treatments like HydraFacials to extract any dirt or bacteria and hydrate the skin with super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Derma Health’s HydraFacials are customizable based on your teen’s skin type and will provide instant results.


To keep skin looking youthful and sun damage-free, adding an SPF is necessary. SPF comes in many forms, from makeup products to powders and traditional sunscreen there are many options to fit a teen’s specific lifestyle. Products like makeups where the SPF is added in can be less effective, especially if teens are spending hours on the baseball field or at cheer practice. It’s important to reapply for every two hours of direct sun exposure. By introducing this habit at a young age, skin cancer risks are also decreased later in life. Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer and is, unfortunately, the most common form found in young adults. Derma Health offers a variety of sunscreen options from Colorescience, Skin Script and SkinMedica. Click Here To View.

Acne Treatment

Acne is bound to pop up every once in a while and when it does, having a spot treatment on hand can prevent scarring and heal the pimple from within. Teens are more likely to pick at their breakouts and being able to minimize the infected area before it becomes inflamed can help prevent scarring. If acne becomes uncontrollable beyond spot treatments, introducing monthly facials into the routine can treat the underlying causes of skin issues and provide much-needed relief. During a facial, estheticians also perform extractions where they remove the gunk from a pimple to promote healing. For example, if large whiteheads are a common problem, getting them extracted properly can reduce the likelihood of more appearing and also reduce scarring.

If acne scarring or Melasma does occur there are treatments that are safe for teen skin. Melasma is the discoloring of the skin and can happen when hormones change. To remove scars or dark spots we recommend Laser Genesis treatments. Laser Genesis uses heat to kill bacteria on and under the skin, preventing future acne outbreaks and can be administered in as little as 30 minutes. This painless treatment penetrates deep enough into the skin to stimulate the natural production of collagen, which shrinks pores, evens skin tones and increases the speed of cell turn over. Chemical peels performed by skincare experts during a facial are also effective in reducing scarring or pigmentation issues.

Following a skincare routine not only benefits a teenager’s future skin but also promotes accountability and positive habits. Talking to a local esthetician can help teens get on the right path when it comes to skincare and can make lasting impacts on the health of the skin.

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