5 Topics To Discuss with Your Filler Injector [handy download]

5 Topics To Discuss with Your Filler Injector [handy download]

So you are new to injectables or maybe you’ve had Botox® but you are now ready to venture into dermal fillers. The first time can be intimidating since you are doing something new. Rest assured! We have compiled a few basic questions to ask your filler injector before that first treatment. Getting answers to all your questions is an important part of any interaction with a medical professional. We want to give you tools to help you cover all your questions and get the answers you need to feel confident in taking control of the aging process. We can’t stop aging but we can use the amazing advances in science, technology and medicine to lessen and slow the effects!

Keep in mind that facial filler procedures are very common worldwide with 9.1 million Botox® and filler procedures performed in 2015 alone, around the globe. The best part about fillers are that they are minimally invasive procedures are very safe with immediate results. Who doesn’t like immediate with no “downtime”?!

Download the handy guide below and take it with you to the appointment!

Gimme those questions!

Add in your own questions as well! We’ve tried to cover some critical questions related to:

  1. Experience
  2. Quality
  3. Outcomes
  4. Issues
  5. Next Steps

Talk about botox and fillers with injector

This tool is just a list of recommended questions to help you feel confident in your filler and Botox injector. Use this as you like. We just wanted to help consumers think through some questions that might allow you to better understand your provider’s qualifications, experience and expertise.

Remember as with any health related procedure you may have questions and concerns. Take charge and get the answers you need. Once you try fillers, your friends, family or co-workers may ask if you’ve been working out, or if you got your hair done…everyone will notice, no one will know.

Facial fillers are just one way to address the common signs of aging and genetics. By combining therapies the patient can address all three layers of the skin for natural and long lasting results. Your provider may talk with you about combo options such as laser skin treatmentsBotoxmicroneedlingfacialschemical peels, at home skin care products and good nutrition for your best skin yet.

The confidence you gain with clear, luminous skin and a refreshed, happy, smooth face is impactful. Patients come to a medspa to improve their skin health and they walk out with increased confidence to tackle everyday life. We don’t just change faces, we can change lives.

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